STEP 1: Register for White Balloon Day


Once you have registered, you will be sent on email with a link to your personal Fundraising Page. This is where you will direct your supporters so they can learn more about your fundraising efforts and of course, where they can donate.

STEP 2: Set up your fundraising page

Your page will display your fundraising target, the amount of money you have raised towards your goal and how many children you ore helping. The best way to enhance your fundraising efforts is to personalise your page with photos and a small blurb about yourself.

Personalise your page

Add your own text and pictures. Remember, your potential donors will be interested in the cause, but they are primarily interested in you. Make sure you tell them why the cause matters to you.

Setting your fundraising target

Set an achievable fundraising target, but one that will also keep you motivated. We have made it easy for you to see how many Australian children you will be helping with each dollar you raise ($12 =  helping to educate one child about personal safety), so perhaps think first about how many kids it is you would like to help protect, then set your fundraising goal from there. For example, if your wish is to help protect 25 children (a common primary-level class size), then your fundraising goal will be $300 (25 kids x $12 each).

STEP 3: Spread the word

Friends and family are your biggest supporters. Tell them about your fundraiser via email and your social media platforms.

Write a personal email or facebook message to your friends and family

  • Start by explaining why this challenge is important to you.
  • In a sentence or two, explain the good work Bravehearts is doing to advance the cause. This helps potential supporters understand where their money would be going and what it can achieve.
  • Be clear to potential supporters about what you are looking for; make a direct ask for financial support.
  • Include a link to your fundraising page.
  • Pre-empt their support by thanking them for making o donation towards your goal.

Get Social

Harness the power of social media and use if to spread the word about White Balloon Day and your own fundraiser. Download our White Balloon Day 2017 Social Media Messaging Guide for suggested wording for your social media posts and a list of the 2017 campaign hashtags.

STEP 4: Download Our digital assets

To make your fundraising as smooth as possible, we provided you with some digital tools ready for you to download straight from the DOWNLOADABLES section of the website. Here are some ideas on how to use these digital assets:

  • White Balloon Day 2018 official poster and flyer: Print these off and hang up or hand out to help promote your fundraiser at work or in your community. You can also use the flyer file to upload onto your Facebook page.
  • Social media assets: These include a White Balloon Day Facebook cover image, profile picture, lnstagram tile, all ready for you to download and use on your social media platforms.
  • Graphics and logos: Download the White Balloon Day logo and other cool graphics to use on your own event invitation designs or personalised fundraising posters.
  • About Bravehearts brochure: Print and give out to potential supporters to inform them of the work Bravehearts does in the community to protect kids.

Now you’re ready to go forth and fundraise for White Balloon Day! If you prefer something simpler, you can simply just MAKE A DONATION directly to Bravehearts to show your support.