By fundraising for White Balloon Day, you are actively helping to prevent child sexual assault in YOUR COMMUNITY, as well as helping to protect all Australian children. 

Funds raised during White Balloon Day directly support the work of Bravehearts – Australia’s leading child protection charity with the Mission of preventing child sexual assault. For more than 20 years, Bravehearts has been working to prevent this heinous crime, via personal safety education programs and child protection training. Bravehearts also works to reduce the traumatising effects of child sexual assault, through the provision of counselling and support services for survivors and their families, as well as seeks to improve child protection policy and legislation at a state and federal government level, through lobbying and reform backed by extensive research.

$12 will cover the cost of educating 1 child in personal safety through Bravehearts’ school program Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show

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Will cover the cost of educating 1 child in personal safety via Bravehearts’ foundation personal safety program, Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show 

Will cover the cost of a crisis call to Bravehearts’ counselling and support line 1800 272 831  

Will cover the cost of a specialist couselling session for a child or adult survivor of child sexual assault

Will cover the cost of educating a whole year-level of lower primary school students or childcare centre of children in personal safety

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show is Bravehearts’ Foundation personal safety program for children 3 to 8 years old. Ditto’s interactive live show teaches children essential personal safety skills using age-appropriate language, song and dance. To date, Ditto has educated almost 1 million Australian children about how to keep safe! 

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Bravehearts offers a unique suite of online child protection courses for educators of children and young people. Developed by our specialist team of social workers, psychologists, educators and criminologists; Bravehearts’ child protection training equips educators with the skills needed to create supportive, child-safe classrooms.

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Bravehearts sets the standard in the provision of specialist therapeutic services and support to children and young people, adults and family members impacted by child sexual assault.

Our Counselling Service comprises of Psychologists and Counsellors who specialise in assisting children and families to work through the trauma they have experienced by using evidence-based interventions and best practice.

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