Enter the White Balloon Day Virtual Balloon Race, which is raising funds to help protect Aussie kids from child sexual assault.

Buy a balloon for only $10 and YOU COULD WIN two nights accommodation at the beautiful new Kingfisher Bay Eco-Resort on Fraser Island!  


BUY YOUR BALLOON >> Click on the link below to create your account and buy your balloon. Balloons are $10 each (with funds going to Bravehearts) and you can buy just one, or several balloons. It’s up to you! 

CUSTOMIZE YOUR BALLOON >> You can now customise your balloon, choosing between different patterns, shapes and sizes. You can also personalise it by writing your name or special message on your balloon. You also need to choose the amount of helium that fills it and the thickness of the rubber – all these decisions will affect how far and high your balloon will travel in the virtual atmosphere!

WATCH YOUR BALLOON LAUNCH >> All balloons will be launched at the same time on White Balloon Day, Friday 8th September, from the steps of Parliament House in Canberra. Once you’ve purchased your balloon, you will be given instructions on how to tune in to watch the ‘launch’. 

TRACK YOUR BALLOON’S JOURNEY >> The race will go for 7 days. The balloons will be influenced by real-life weather conditions and you can track your balloon on its journey in real-time through the 7 day race. You can also share your balloon’s journey on social media. But will your balloon make it the whole 7 days? It depends on what weather conditions it meets, how much helium you put in it and how durable you made it. Some balloons will last the whole race, some may burst only a few hours in!! 

WILL YOUR BALLOON WIN? >> Prizes will be awarded to the people whose balloons travel the furthest distance in first, second and third place:

Winners will be announced on 16th September.