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Thank you for your support!
On behalf of all Australian children, thank you to everyone who helped make Bravehearts White Balloon Day in 2014 a massive success!  
Thousands of people took part in the #whoRUprotecting social media campaign including celebrities such as The Veronicas, The Living End, Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson, The Footy Show's Beau Ryan, HeyDad! stars Sarah Monahan and Simone Buchanan, Network Ten Presenter's Matt Doran and Georgina Lewis and many more.
In addition, more than 1000 events were hosted around the nation from world record attempts in Coffs Harbour to walk-a-thons in Tasmania and free-dress days in Victoria. The corporate support was also overwhelming with companies such as Telstra, Von Bibra Auto Village and Westpac jumping on board to support Aussie kids.  
If you have any questions regarding depositing funds then contact the team at Bravehearts on 1800 114 474.  
Thank you again to all who contributed this White Balloon Day. Without the support of the community, Bravehearts would not be able to continue offering its vital services to children in need.
To express interest in White Balloon Day 2015 - email 

Thank you to our Corporate Partners




Bravehearts is a proud supporter of environmentally sustainable balloon use - a safer future for not only our children, but all creatures with whom we share this beautiful planet. Please do not release your balloons and dispose of them thoughtfully when finished having fun.